Montfort the Viceroy

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The Viceroy:


An epic feature screenplay

Intrigue, treason, battles and Bordeaux wine mix as Simon de Montfort conquers Gascony then holds England’s dukedom for ransom.

In 1244 the Holy Land is overrun by barbarians. Simon must return to the East – but King Henry demands he first crush England’s rebellious subjects in Gascony. Taking castles, imprisoning rebel lords, Simon seems successful – until the rebels conspire against him and King Henry sees the chance to condemn him for treason. The lords at his trial protest. Henry must free him, but sends a Gascon army against him alone.

Based on actual events.

In packaging.

We are seeking producers and co-production for all territories, financing and international sales.

Montfort screenplays: Montfort the Courtier/the Exile, Montfort the Viceroy,

Montfort the Revolutionary, Montfort the Angel with the Sword

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